Boosting Pharmaceutical Sales with Verified Field Visits: A MyFieldHeroes Solution

Posted On -  July 10, 2024

Your pharma sales representatives work tirelessly in the field, but did you ever check how they are performing? Each time they visit a healthcare professional, it must be documented. Have you ever given a thought to that? Do not expect the documentation to be troublesome because the MyFieldHeroes application is there. Using this application will help you achieve your pharmaceutical sales goals and boost the performance of your pharmaceutical sales team. If you want to know more about this software, then patiently read the blog.

Let’s explore.

Understanding the Idea of MyFieldHeroes

When there is a requirement to connect with your FieldSales force, MyFieldHeroes is the best solution. It’s an application that cannot be called automation software but a classy app with which seniors in a pharmaceutical company or in any other company can connect with their sales executives working in the field to administer the tasks and stay in touch with them. The functionality of MyFieldHeroes is vast and we both need to conduct deeper research to understand how the software solution can boost pharmaceutical sales with documented field visits.

Let’s do so.

Ways MFH Can Boost Pharmaceutical Sales with Documented Field Visits

1. Live Tracking

Till date you had a challenge to stay in touch with your field executives. You did not know whether your pharmaceutical sales representatives are visiting the medical professionals. Those days are gone because MFH, a field sales automation software, can help you to track the exact location of your representatives. When you can track their exact location, you know what they are doing and how each of them is performing. If anyone has a shortfall in performance, you get to know that immediately and take corrective actions to boost your sales.

2. Immediate Messaging

This is a feature of MyFieldHeroes and such a feature can boost pharmaceutical sales with proper documentation of visits carried out by sales representatives. Anytime your field executives are facing a problem you get to know that through instant messages. Moreover, if you want them to communicate with you after each field visit, they can update you with that using this feature. And you get to know what they are doing and if there is a gap you can correct it. In this way MFH can boost sales with documented visits.

3. Expense Tracking and Reimbursement

Sometimes you do not know the cost of each visit borne by your field sales staff. As a result, you cannot proceed properly. Often you need to approve a line of bills sent to you at a time. This problem can be solved by MFH. When you have this software, you need to suffer. Whenever there is a field visit your staff can upload the expense bill and send it to you as an official document for reimbursement. And you can keep track of all the expenses incurred. Such an expense tracking feature can help to boost sales with documentation because you can budget all your sales expenses in a planned way.


MyFieldHeroes is a powerful tool for pharmaceutical companies aiming to enhance their sales operations through meticulous documentation and real-time connectivity with field representatives. By offering live tracking, instant messaging, and expense tracking, MyFieldHeroes ensures that sales activities are transparent and efficiently managed. This leads to improved performance, timely corrective actions, and streamlined expense management, ultimately boosting pharmaceutical sales and achieving sales goals effectively.

The FAQ’s

FAQ 1. What is MyFieldHeroes and how does it help pharmaceutical companies?

A: MyFieldHeroes is a sophisticated application designed to connect pharmaceutical companies with their field sales representatives. It is not merely an automation software but a comprehensive tool that allows senior management to administer tasks and stay in touch with their field sales force. By documenting field visits, providing live tracking, enabling immediate messaging, and facilitating expense tracking and reimbursement, MyFieldHeroes helps improve the performance of sales teams and boosts pharmaceutical sales.

FAQ 2. How does live tracking in MyFieldHeroes improve sales performance?

A: The live tracking feature of MyFieldHeroes allows managers to monitor the exact location of their pharmaceutical sales representatives in real-time. This ensures that the representatives are visiting healthcare professionals as planned. By knowing their precise location, managers can quickly identify any performance shortfalls and take immediate corrective actions, thereby enhancing overall sales performance.

FAQ 3. What role does immediate messaging play in MyFieldHeroes?

A: The immediate messaging feature in MyFieldHeroes allows field sales representatives to instantly communicate with their managers whenever they face any issues during their visits. Additionally, it enables representatives to provide updates after each field visit. This real-time communication helps managers stay informed about field activities, address any gaps promptly, and ensure that sales strategies are executed effectively, leading to improved sales outcomes.

FAQ 4. How does MyFieldHeroes assist with expense tracking and reimbursement?

A: MyFieldHeroes includes an expense tracking and reimbursement feature that allows field sales representatives to upload expense bills immediately after each visit. This helps managers keep track of all expenses incurred in real-time and manage the budget more efficiently. By having a clear and up-to-date record of all sales-related expenses, pharmaceutical companies can plan their sales budgets better and ensure timely reimbursements, which contributes to better financial management and enhanced sales performance.

FAQ 5. What are the overall benefits of using MyFieldHeroes for pharmaceutical sales teams?

A: MyFieldHeroes offers several benefits for pharmaceutical sales teams, including:

Live Tracking: Real-time monitoring of sales representatives’ locations to ensure they are visiting healthcare professionals as scheduled.

Immediate Messaging: Instant communication to resolve issues and provide updates after each visit.

Expense Tracking and Reimbursement: Efficient management of expenses with real-time documentation and tracking, leading to better budgeting and timely reimbursements. These features collectively enhance the transparency and efficiency of sales operations, allowing pharmaceutical companies to achieve their sales goals and improve overall performance.