Ensuring Compliance in Pharma: How Automation Tools Like My Field Heroes Can Keep You Ahead?

Posted On -  June 20, 2024

Distance between your on-field pharma executives and your office managers makes you lost in space? Well, if this is a problem for you, then it’s time to say goodbye to such problems as things have changed. Automation software like MyFieldHeroes has changed the traditional process of connecting with your field workers over the telephone. Now with just a software application you can score big from your field workers working as on-field executives in your pharma business. As you are new to this term, you need to keep patience and read the blog to understand how this automation software can maximize your managerial potential.

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A Brief About the Automation Tool: MyFieldHeroes

You might have heard about SaaS applications. MyFieldHeroes is just the same. Based on SaaS technology, it brings many benefits which are beyond your dreams. The software acts just like a bridge connecting your on-field pharma workers and the managers who supervise them from a distant location. The aim is to increase productivity and get the maximum output from your on-field pharma executives carrying out their tasks.

Is the tool an interesting one? If yes, then let’s study some more about it.

Ways Automation Tools (MFH) can help Pharma Businesses Succeed

1. Information About your Employee Where Abouts

You might be thinking that some of your on-field employees might be lying about their whereabouts. They might not be visiting the doctors to market your drugs. However, if you have this software, you won’t have such fear because the application has an exclusive feature which can help you to track your employees where abouts. There is an admin portal for the team managers with which they can keep track of where the field executives are resulting in minimization of productivity loss.

2. Employee Expenses Tracking

Your field executives like medical representatives must be having some expenses as they are working remotely. While travelling expenses like fuel, food and other bills rise. As a manager handling these bills one by one might be difficult for you. But with the automation tool called MyFieldHeroes Software your field workers can upload the expenses bills and you can track their expenses anytime. These expenses tracking feature is an interesting one which can make you stay ahead in your pharma business as you do not need to take the trouble of checking the expenses one by one.

3. Messaging Feature

Whenever you feel like connecting with your employees, just drop a message and get an instant reply. There is no need to wait until they are free to call you back. This exciting feature is not just a solution but an opportunity to stay in touch with your pharma representatives. Such can help you to communicate with your field force and remove communication gaps resulting in your success.

4. Enhanced Field Staff Management

Administrators can oversee leads, client organizations, field agent assignments, and many other responsibilities. Moreover, the GPS tracking feature embedded within the application facilitates the supervision and coordination of team members’ whereabouts. This is not all, the automation tool can help you to assign new tasks even when you are not in touch, and you can also track how much they have completed. And this can help you to minimize time and effort in managing your field force making you stay ahead in business.


Can you guess the power of the software? It’s not just an automation tool but a tool to enhance your field executive’s productivity. Tracking your employees, recognizing their expenses, communicating with them anytime and managing their orders are just a part of MyFieldHeroes. As you adopt the tool, you will get to explore many more things which you haven’t thought of. In the end, what we end to conclude is MyFieldHeroes is a tool that will increase your efficiency.

FAQs about My Field Heroes Automation Software

FAQ 1: How does My Field Heroes ensure that on-field pharma workers are visiting doctors and promoting products?

My Field Heroes incorporates GPS tracking features that allow managers to monitor the whereabouts of their field executives in real-time. This ensures accountability and minimizes the possibility of productivity loss due to dishonesty or inefficiency.

FAQ 2: Can My Field Heroes track and manage expenses incurred by field executives?

Yes, absolutely. My Field Heroes includes an expense tracking feature that enables field workers to upload their expense bills directly into the system. Managers can then easily track and manage these expenses, streamlining the process and reducing administrative burdens.

FAQ 3: How does the messaging feature in My Field Heroes benefit communication with field representatives?

The messaging feature in My Field Heroes enables instant communication between managers and field representatives, eliminating the need to wait for callbacks. This facilitates seamless and timely communication, reducing communication gaps and fostering a more connected and responsive workforce.

FAQ 4: How does My Field Heroes help in enhancing field staff management?

My Field Heroes provides administrators with tools to oversee various aspects of field staff management, including leads, client organizations, and task assignments. The software also includes GPS tracking features for monitoring team members’ whereabouts, as well as task assignment and tracking functionalities to streamline workflow management.

FAQ 5: What are some key benefits of adopting My Field Heroes for pharmaceutical businesses?

By adopting My Field Heroes, pharmaceutical businesses can significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of their field executives. The software enables effective tracking of employees, streamlined expense management, seamless communication, and enhanced field staff management. Overall, it empowers businesses to optimize their operations and stay ahead in a competitive market.